MPL: Reitlang FC slumped to a defeat against FC Kulikawn!

8th December 2012 at 9:56 pm by michael.lalremtluanga


In the Round 6 of the Mizoram Premier League  FC Kulikawn defeated Reitlang FC by 3-1. Zoramthara, Lalramliana and R. Lalnuntluanga scored a goal each for FC Kulikawn while Laltlankima scored the only goal for Reitlang FC. FC Kulikawn Zoramthara was the man of the match.  FC Kulikawn took to the fourth position in the table with this win and Reitlang FC have to settle for the seventh place in the table.

The Starting XI

FC Kulikawn : Ramhlunngaia, Peter Biaksangzuala, MS Dawngzela, Vanlalchhanhima Sailo, Vanneihtluanga; Suresh Singh, Rohmingthanga, Lalrintluanga Hauhnar, Zoramthara, C. Zothansanga; Lalramliana
Reitlang FC: Benjamin Lalrinsanga; B. Lalramdinpuia, Simon Hmingthanzuala, John Malsawmtluang, Jerry Lalchhanhima; Lalruatfela, Zion Lalramluaha, PC Lalnunsiama, Laltlankima; Lallianzama, Zirsangzela.

Reitlang FC were the brighter of the two sides when the match started. Soon after the start, Lianzama set up a good ball for Laltlankima but the chance went begging. But FC Kulikawn got the opening goal when Zothansanga (Valtea) pass found Zoramthara to head home a beautiful goal. This goal is one of the best goals in the Mizoram Premier League.

The match did not live up to the expectations after the goal and no clear chances were created by the two teams. Rohmingthanga had a shot on goal by the end of the first half which was probably the only promising shot produced by the two sides. With no more goals, FC Kulikawn led by 1-0 at half time.

Reitlang Fans came alive in the second half and they were right behind their players. Reitlang FC continued to attack their opponents and Jerry's shot was well saved by Angaia. Reitlang FC finally get the equalizer at 58 minutes which was well deserved. Lalnuna's shot bounced right at the feet of Zirsangzela (Sena) who took a shot himself which was deflected on its way by Laltlankima which gave no chance to FC Kulikawn Keeper Angaia.

Reitlang FC failed to raise their game further after the match was level pegging and it was FC Kulikawn who picked themselves up at the right time after conceding the goal. Midfielder Lalrintluanga (Tuka) shot was promising but Reitlang goalkeeper Ben had other ideas. Reitlang FC had a chance when Lalnuna's ball was a little high for Zion-a who decided to use his hand. He was awarded a yellow card for the hand ball.

FC Kulikawn Zoramthara's shot hit the post while Reitlang FC had a chance but Sena had taken too much time to release the ball and the chance was gone. FC Kulikawn took the lead again at 73 minutes. Rohmingthanga's pass was flicked on by Zoramthara for Ramliana who made no mistake with his shot. FC Kulikawn continued to dominate the game and it was Rohmingthanga who provided the third goal when he found R. Lalnuntluanga to put the game beyond doubts. After 90 minutes, the scoreline read 3-1 in favour of FC Kulikawn.



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